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  • What do we offer?

    • Primis delivers a fully diverse and inclusive recruitment process to its clients alongside providing bespoke D&I consultancy and training.
    • No business case is the same, so we cater our services to each job requirement you need to fill.
    • We are partnered with industry specialists to deliver tailored consultancy and bespoke training to meet your inclusivity and diversity goals.
  • What to expect?

    • Businesses with D&I strategies have reduced turnover, higher employee engagement, improved hiring, and therefore, a better reputation.
    • Through increased creativity, varied ideas, and better decision- making, your impact, and profits will increase.
    • In recent years the data on the business benefit of infiltrating D&I into the workplace has continued to grow.

Our team, story and drive to make a D&I Difference in your business

Luce Grover

Head of D&I

Luce has worked in both 360 recruitment as well as part of the internal talent acquisition team for a global IT consultancy.

She has helped build diverse teams and has a proven track record with a number of clients. Luce has been with Primis since the start and has been an integral part of building and shaping the Diversity and Inclusion offering. She has built and runs an internal Allyship program, grown our external training solution, and created (and hosts) an Inclusive Recruitment Program for everyone who joins the business. As the Head of D&I at Primis, Luce’s goal is to bring an educational and supportive platform to all our clients who are looking to build, recruit, retain a diverse workforce.

The working world pre-covid to now, I think we can all agree, isn’t recognizable. Employers are understanding the importance of Diversity and Inclusion, they’re adapting from the rigid ways of working we once accepted to a flexible, hybrid, and well-balanced life. With the global pandemic accelerating a spotlight onto D&I, an inclusive recruitment process and, working environment has never been more important.

We are thrilled to be running such a sought-after training program. It is allowing clients to meet their D&I goals, broaden their visions to the never-ending business benefits and retain that all-important inclusive workforce and working environment. Underrepresentation is a real thing, and I think it is often forgotten. My drive in the business is to reach as many clients as possible, to ensure they are recruiting objectively, encouraging a truly inclusive workplace, and supporting underrepresented talent.

Ben Broughton

Founder & CEO
Ben is an experienced recruitment leader and business owner.

In the last 20 years he has built and developed teams and businesses from £1million to £30million turnover across the technology sector in both the UK and US. With a huge focus on client attraction and retention, developing people and leaders as well as delivering solutions that match the ever-evolving technology sector. Ben is on a mission with Primis to build a global, award-winning talent centric organisation that ensures people are put first at every step of the journey.

Hiring the right team and growing a business is the number one challenge for any business owner or manager. In today’s market it has never been more important to ensure that when going to market your hiring and retention strategy encourages a diverse workplace. Not only is it ethically the right thing to do but it is also proven that organisations with a diverse talent pool are more successful and more profitable.

As founder of Primis I wanted to make sure that we put D&I at the forefront of recruitment, not just for the benefit of the clients and candidates but also internally for our business as we grow. We want different opinions, ways of thinking, and perspectives to ensure we are constantly challenging the norm. I am so proud of the training solution that Primis successfully offers and delivers to our clients to truly make a difference to the perception and understanding of how to hire a diverse team.

Primis’ Partnered Specialists

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The Allyship

Our Allyship program is a fundamental part of Primis to ensure our team is constantly learning and evolving in the Diversity and Inclusion space.

Having the knowledge to support & guide our clients, alongside providing an inclusive recruitment process all stems from our Allyship and internal training. Every time our team grows we gain another new member of the Allyship, another new person to learn from, and another new idea.

Creating a safe space for the team to open up, learn and ask questions has created a powerful team of recruiters abreast with D&I news and knowledge to support your demands.

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